‘Mother Earth’ invocation at Vatican Christmas Concert


You’ve probably seen the video of this disgraceful concert at the Vatican audience hall where a young woman from the Amazon came up and said the words above to the left. Look at these silly people giving themselves over to Satan.

Look at these wretched effeminate clerics.

But look what else. Look at that hideous and so-called “pectoral” cross of Bergoglio. Is this where the crossed arms come from, never before seen in an image of Christ or is it the Masonic action below.

Pray for these people, pray for the Church!

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8 Responses to ‘Mother Earth’ invocation at Vatican Christmas Concert

  1. I’m so far from being any authority or expert and this world today is so overly complicated and corrupted; but my dear mother for several years before her passing was telling us the end was so close now and the worlds is crucifying Jesus again; of course in a symbolic and figurative way but just as horrible and even more grotesque because our Lord has been here and brought us the everlasting covenant shedding His blood and suffering for all of our sins, yet this perverted world has sunken this low to not even recognize our Lord and Savior as our only true Salvation! They behave like demons on earth and make a mockery of His having been nailed to a cross out of pure love for us and they do these damned things! I say to my dear mother now in my heart, mom hell is at our doorsteps here on earth it is closer than before, and that prophesied end is nearly a breath away! Jesus Christ please help and forgive us, we are so pitiful! Your humble lowly servant who has sinned, Lawrence Morra. Amen.


  2. mmvc says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt comments, Lawrence. They surely echo the thoughts and sorrows of many here…
    May your dear mom (RIP) pray for us all!


  3. Mary Anne says:

    Your Mom was so right, God bless her. Wonderful that she said those words. Gives you (and us) more insight now. Did you ever see such an evil looking face on Francis? I’ve seen some bad ones but look at those eyes. Yikes! Frightening.


  4. Dear Mary Anne, and mmvc, thank you both very much for your kind thoughts and prayers. I’ve seen as I’m sure you have over some years now the demonic transformation of the Democrat party here in America which to me has been so blatantly obvious; as the extreme leftist thinking penetrated and permeated the collective agenda of that political persuasion. But, not too obvious and more subtle was the transitioning of the Roman Catholic dogma since I was a boy to now a more sudden acceleration of the deterioration of the foundation of the church if I can say it, to this point where like the Democrat party, is now morphing into something that to me is no doubt diabolical. I can also say this because of some very sad and firsthand experiences I’ve had here in my home state locale which is ruled by the new destructive Democrat party which allowed highly partisan Nazi Gestapo like individuals in this maligned political environment to attack me and violate my Civil as well as Constitutional rights nearly causing my death through an orchestrated effort to get me out of the way while I was working in a newly acquired government job. For the first time in my life I had to become vocal about a highly crony capitalist project in my locale along with saying how destructive this project was to the community and environment which was all wrong. This led to my published article in a local paper putting me at further odds with these cronies and Nazi Gestapo like individuals ultimately leading to another first for me which was to write to the Pope for spiritual guidance in dealing with this massive problem all by myself, and I hoped that through Jesus Christ the Pope would respond to my letter with some enlightenment and hope that would prevent more harm from being done to my community and me personally! But this was to no avail as the Pope never even acknowledged my letter to him at the Vatican which was received I know by the tracking of the article to the mail-room. I now know that evil was at work to prevent any real good from occurring by my initiative, and then I began to see more that was out of place with Pope Francis over the last few years till now where I know he is not right and is diabolically influenced or worse! It’s hard to believe but yes I must accept that things have gotten this horrible and so perverted from the decades ago when I was growing up, and we are now facing cataclysmic times ahead just as the Holy Scriptures have foretold! I know I’m still alive only because the Lord has given me this grace for some purpose if not to get myself in order for my own salvation then perhaps for another mission which is His will for me to accomplish before my time comes to leave this world. I have to admit I’m very sad about how badly things have turned, and how so much of the joy of life I used to feel daily with my happy go lucky attitude as one of my uncles once told me I had, is nearly depleted and I hold on to hope which does give me moments of some happiness but the reality of so much going wrong now dwarfs any of that exuberance.
    I hope my openness will do some good in a little way for anyone who reads my words as they are my genuine heartfelt truth which is all I really have of any great value when we consider what matters.
    Thank you again and God Bless You!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,


  5. This is disgraceful. Idolatrous. It is so backward! Makes me want to vomit: out of fear and disgust. Makes me angry but I feel helpless. The little children!!!


  6. Dear Lawrence Morra,
    Your mum (God bless her holy soul) saw what has been prophesied; the Crucifixion of Christ’s Church on earth. This message explains how what is happening parallels every part of His First Crucifixion as we prepare for the final abomination. I pray you see the Truth in these words and can align them with what your mum knew instinctively, in her soul. This may just be the Mission to which you are also called. I know I was!


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  8. JabbaPapa says:

    Yes, Masonic.


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