It’s Official: Vatican Linked Media Are Paid By Google, Soros, Gates

From Gloria TV:

Oligarchs such as Google, Soros and Gates finance pro-Francis conformist media that extoll Covid-vaccines, and silence vaccine critics, (January 8) showed.

The tool for targeting free Catholic journalists and independent Covid vaccine information is so called It is headed by which is owned by the pro-Francis publishing house, founded in 2011/2011 by Jesús Colina (pictured). Aleteia is an official cooperator of the Vatican Department of Communication and the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization. Aleteia entered a “partnership” with Google already in 2013. is one of eleven projects which shared 3 million dollars from Google through a budget which is misleadingly called “Covid-19 Vaccine Counter-Misinformation Open Fund.”

In order to qualify for Google money, its receives advice from the Spanish “Instituto de Salud Global” which has received $57 million from the Gates Foundation and $150,000 from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

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