The Rosary protects families


It will not, then, seem too much to say that in places, families, and nations in which the Rosary of Mary retains its ancient honour, the loss of faith through ignorance and vicious error need not be feared. (…)
To ward off these exceedingly great dangers of ignorance from her children, the Church, which never relaxes her vigilant and diligent care, has been in the habit of looking for the staunchest support of faith in the Rosary of Mary.

And indeed in the Rosary, along with the most beautiful and efficacious prayer arranged in an orderly pattern, the chief mysteries of our religion follow one another, as they are brought before our mind for contemplation.

  Pope Leo XIII

Encyclical Letter on the excellence of the Rosary: Magna Dei Matris, September 7, 1892.
Leo XIII devoted twelve encyclicals to the prayer of the Rosary. Thus he became known as “the Pope of the Rosary”.


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  1. kathleen says:

    Today I went to London with my sister, and after a busy day we attended the early evening sung Mass in Westminster Cathedral where the all-male choir sang superbly. The priest who celebrated gave a short but lovely homily that brought out the essence of this feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Rosary, and the many graces that flow from it. We felt blessed to be there.

    I was also celebrating the anniversary of my Baptism ** years ago…. (and at the same time wondering why we always make a big thing of our birthdays, but usually overlook the date of our Baptism, the day we were “born anew”!)


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