Be sure to fight well, arms in hand

mary-rosaryAt the close of the month of the Holy Rosary, Saint Louis de Montfort’s exhortation to remain faithful to this most powerful of prayers seems timely: 

Even if you have to fight distractions all through your whole Rosary, be sure to fight well, arms in hand. That is to say, do not stop saying your Rosary even if it is difficult to say and you have no sensible devotion. It is a terrible battle, but one that is profitable to the faithful soul.

If you put down your arms, that is, if you give up the Rosary, you will be admitting defeat and then the devil, having got what he wanted, will leave you in peace, and on the Day of Judgment will taunt you because of your faithlessness and lack of courage.

r-702-1“He who is faithful in little things will also be faithful in those that are greater” Luke 16:10. He who is faithful in rejecting the smallest distractions when he says even the smallest prayer, will also be faithful in great things. Nothing is more certain, since the Holy Spirit has told us so.

So all of you, servants and handmaids of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin, who have made up your minds to say the Rosary every day, be of good heart. Do not let the multitude of flies (as I call the distractions that make war on you during prayer) make you abandon the company of Jesus and Mary, in whose holy presence you are when saying the Rosary.

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