Francis In Canada: Pseudo-Apologies And Bright Costumes 


From Gloria.TV: please go THERE to see the indian dance video and read the comments.

Francis produced great images for the oligarchs’ media by meeting local Indians on July 25 in Maskwacis, Canada.

He stopped to pray in silence at a cemetery where former boarders are buried, most of whom died of tuberculosis. Then he apologised, [rightly] accusing others: “I humbly ask forgiveness for the [unspecified] evil committed by so many Christians against indigenous peoples.”

Further, he asked forgiveness for “ways many members of the Church cooperated, not least through their indifference, in projects of cultural destruction forced assimilation promoted by governments of that time.” Francis’ active collaboration with the covid and homosexual regime, however, is much worse.

Having done this, the chiefs of the Métis and Inuit recognised him as “a great chief.” Francis received an Indian headdress. A smile beamed across his face as it was placed on his head. He clearly liked being “a great chief.”

Indians in bright costumes played songs accompanied by drums and dances (The video below shows a ‘healing dance’ to ‘Mother Earth’). Another powerful show image was produced by Francis kissing a red banner with the names of Indian children who died in residential schools from tuberculosis.

Francis’ visit attracted little attention and many chairs remained empty. If he had stuck to historical truth, which counts for nothing in this day and age, he would have said that it was Indians who killed peaceful missionaries like St Isaac Jogues and St Jean de Brebeuf, and not the other way around.

During the Pope’s ‘apology tour,’ let’s not forget the tortures endured by Jesuit missionaries in Canada



RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: Francis in Canada & the Rest of the Story

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