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Prominent clergy, scholars accuse Pope Francis of heresy in open letter

April 30, 2019 By Maike Hickson at LifeSiteNews Prominent clergymen and scholars including Fr. Aidan Nichols, one of the best-known theologians in the English-speaking world, have issued an open letter accusing Pope Francis of committing heresy. They ask the bishops of … Continue reading

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Were We Given Prophetic Warnings About Pope Francis?

By David Martin It is not generally known that St. Faustina, known for her role in establishing the devotion to Divine Mercy, penned an unusual entry into her diary on December 17, 1936. Entry 823 is as follows. “I have … Continue reading

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Funeral Held for Eight Christians Killed in Easter Procession in Nigeria 

Off-duty officer rams car into celebration of Resurrection. April 29, 2019 By the Nigeria Correspondent of Morning Star News: Hundreds of family members and sympathizers on Saturday (April 27) attended a funeral in northeastern Nigeria for eight young Christians, six of them … Continue reading

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“The Beatification of Satanelli” – Patron of Communist Terrorists and Road Accidents

From Rorate Caeli: Something unbelievable happened today (27/4/19) in Argentina: along with three other locals, Enrique Angelelli, Bishop of La Rioja, who died in a car crash in 1976, was “beatified as a martyr”… Well-known Spanish Catholic pundit Luis Fernando … Continue reading

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In the Radiance of the Resurrection… may we know what to do with the Victory

From Fr George W. Rutler’s ‘Weekly Column’ In the radiance of the Resurrection, the Church relates to the emotions of the first witnesses: grief, fear, bewilderment, and then exultation. In each generation, believers experience all of these in various ways. … Continue reading

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Why the Restoration of Notre Dame Seems Doomed to Fail

by John Horvat II Many plans are circulating for the restoration of Notre Dame after the tragic and highly symbolic fire that shocked the world. Technicians are getting ready to engage in this challenging project. Well over a billion dollars … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Sunday and Plenary Indulgence

  In her diary “Divine Mercy in my Soul”, Sister Faustina Kowalska wrote about having over twenty apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, as well as over thirty visions of Christ, the angels and the departed. The humble saintly young nun … Continue reading

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Vatican Reform Plan Takes Shape: Evangelization Prioritized Over Doctrine

The cardinals who led the process of drafting the new papal document on curial reform have disclosed details, ahead of its pending publication. By Edward Pentin at the National Catholic Register:   VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ new apostolic constitution for … Continue reading

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The 129 year old Holy Card everyone is talking about

It’s imagery is based on approved prophecies given to seer Marie Julie Jahenny: Notre Dame engulfed in flames behind Jesus and His Sacred Heart. The other church is St. Peter’s Basilica, and on the left of Notre Dame on the … Continue reading

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The Easter Mysteries and The Mystic Way

by David Torkington The very reason why Christ sent out his love on the first Pentecost day was so that it could enter into all who would receive it. This love that would  draw us up into his mystical body … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka massacre coverage reveals Western leftists’ anti-Christian attitude

April 23, 2019, LifeSiteNews:   On Easter Sunday, Islamic suicide bombers detonated in three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka, killing over 300 local Christians and Western tourists, maiming 500 more, and providing influential Westerners an opportunity to distance … Continue reading

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Deadly Silence: The Unreported Persecution of Christians

New Culture Forum recently co-hosted a conference on the shamefully untold story of the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities. Easter Sunday’s horrific attacks in Sri Lanka must concentrate minds around the world on these #InvisibleVictims. One of the … Continue reading

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The Easter Day Martyrs of Sri Lanka

In a clear desire to target Christians once again, Satan’s agents have unwittingly made martyrs of hundreds more innocents, who with Easter joy, were celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord. Colombo, Sri Lanka, Apr 21, 2019/12:40 pm (CNA).- Religious and … Continue reading

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The ‘Hieratikon’ of Saint John Chrysostom

This week, in place of the regular Pastor’s Column from Fr George W. Rutler, we share the Paschal joy of the Hieratikon (Catechetical Sermon) of Saint John Chrysostom. THE EASTER SERMON OF JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Bishop of Constantinople (c. A.D. 400) Is there … Continue reading

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On Our Lord’s Resurrection

 Reflection for Easter Sunday from Holy Cross Publications PRAYER BEFORE MEDITATION. My God, I firmly believe that Thou art here present. I acknowledge that on account of my many sins I am utterly unworthy to appear before Thy sacred countenance. … Continue reading

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