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The Power of One Hail Mary

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Saint Monica, pray for us!

For Perseverance Dear St Monica,troubled wife and mother,many sorrows pierced your heart during your lifetime.Yet, you never despaired or lost faith.With confidence, persistence, and profound faith,you prayed daily for the conversionof your beloved husband, Patricius,and your beloved son, Augustine; your … Continue reading

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Pray with Trust for your Lost Sheep

May the following meditation give hope and comfort to those of us worrying about the lapsed, lost loved ones in our lives: My child, do not worry. I have the whole world in My hands. Whatever I permit to happen … Continue reading

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Please Pray for the Canary Islands Volcano Victims

La Palma, home to about 85,000 people, is part of the volcanic Canary Islands, an archipelago off northwest Africa. The island is roughly 35 kilometers (22 miles) long and 20 kilometers (12 miles) wide at its broadest point. Lava from … Continue reading

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Prayers for Cardinal Burke

From Fr Z’s Blog: Renew prayers and offer penances for Card. Burke, who is doing poorly. I have confirmation from two other sources of what someone who knows the family passed on: H.E. is at a critical point with pneumonia. … Continue reading

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“We Have Found the Messiah!” Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle and Martyr

On November 30, Catholics worldwide celebrate the feast of St. Andrew, apostle and martyr. St. Andrew is said to have spread Christianity in Russia and Asia minor after Pentecost in the first century. He was crucified by the Romans in Greece … Continue reading

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Do Not Belittle the Power of the Mother of God

Taken from ‘Cochem’s Explanation of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass’ (pp. 229-230): This was revealed to a Dominican saint by the Mother of God herself; he has left it in writing for our benefit: 1. What Mary asks of God she … Continue reading

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Mass of Christian Burial: Ecclesial crisis on display.

from:http://www.harvestingthefruit.com Make no mistake about it: The Church in our day is in the midst of a terrible, and in many ways unprecedented, crisis of faith. This objective reality, however, is largely lost on the overwhelming majority of Catholics, both … Continue reading

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Praying for ourselves; praying for others

Here’s the second post in my series on prayer, started here. Petitionary prayer is asking prayer – and intercessory prayer is a subsection of this: a petition on behalf of someone else. When Jesus taught his disciples a prayer, it … Continue reading

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