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Rome Special Update: Vatican Globalist Agenda Revealed

The mystery surrounding the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI remains a critical question in the aftermath of his short papacy. Now, startling revelations indicate that the United States intelligence services — including the NSA — were behind the globalist plot … Continue reading

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New Forensic Files expose FAKE Sr. Lucy of Fatima?

CP&S COMMENT: This subject instigated a strong reaction among our readers and even within the team at CP&S when it was first reported here. Given the visible changes, plus the strange apparent character change of the original Fatima visionary, a … Continue reading

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Russia and its Future Role in Defeating Islam

From LifeSiteNews John-Henry interviews some of the most well-known clergy and laity in the Church while offering commentary on the most important news developments in Rome and around the world. PLEASE GO TO LIFESITENEWS TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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Missing piece of the 3rd Secret of Fatima: Rome will ‘host the seat of the Antichrist’ 

Xavier Ayral, author of a new book on Marian apparitions, joins John Henry on The John-Henry Westen Show to offer his explanation of the vision described in the enigmatic Third Secret of Fatima (LifeSiteNews) — In the year 2000, the … Continue reading

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Prayer update on Mary-Catherine Westen

John-Henry’s daughter, Mary-Catherine, is still very much in need of prayers as she heads down the long road to recovery. She’s embracing the cross being given to her by Our Lord at this moment and is offering up her physical … Continue reading

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Prayer request for LifeSite co-founder’s daughter

Nearly two weeks ago, John-Henry’s 17-year-old daughter Mary-Catherine collapsed in the driveway of their home after a rather stressful event. Afterwards, she experienced a lot of paralysis. Eventually, she began hallucinating, so she was taken to the hospital where she … Continue reading

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Why is there a painting of a nude Jesus ministering to Judas in Pope Francis’ study?

L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s own newspaper, featured as its cover photo a scandalous painting of Our Lord in the Pope’s own quarters. (LifeSiteNews) According to the Vatican’s own newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Pope Francis has placed a painting of a resurrected nude Jesus … Continue reading

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Be militant Soldiers for Christ

Remnant newspaper editor Michael Matt joins John-Henry in Munich to discuss the Catholic Church in Germany. He issues a clarion call for Catholics to fulfill their obligation to be militant soldiers for Christ.

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Peter Kreeft: The simultaneous rise of militant Islam and homosexuality

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Christmas Time is for Unborn Children Too

Christmas is universal. “Behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people…A Saviour has been born for you” (Luke 1:10-11). Christ the Saviour becomes man precisely for all who share human nature. … Continue reading

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Vatican Cardinal: Divine judgment will fall on priests who do not oppose abortion,and homosexuality

lifesitenews.com (LifeSiteNews.com) – Cardinal Robert Sarah is warning that priests who fail in their duty to oppose the breakdown of morality in modern society, particularly pro-abortion and anti-family policies, will receive the condemnation of God. In a sermon delivered on … Continue reading

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